north olmsted handyman repairing drywall and door hinge

Although we refer to ourselves in most cases as a general contractor, construction or remodeling company, many of our jobs are small jobs that could be associated with a handyman. After calling too many construction companies and contractors that say replacing cracked tile, hanging blinds or repairing a door is a job too small, you may look for a handyman.

At LGSC Construction we enjoy small jobs and repairs – they keep us busy between the big jobs and are a great way for us to build a client base throughout the Cleveland area, so call us now for all your repairs, small jobs and other handyman services.

Common repairs include ceiling or drywall repair,  windows, doors, toilets, sinks, heating and cooling ducts,  light fixtures, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, garages, etc. Small jobs could be assembling furniture, weather proofing the house, caulking, installing light fixtures, putting new locks on windows and doors, replacing a toilet or sink, installing a mailbox, making the home more  accessible with grab bars, handrails, wider door frames and better lighting.